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According to a recent report by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, the diversion and misuse of prescription drugs causes significant misery throughout the Bluegrass State. The report notes that overdose deaths in the commonwealth have risen steadily over the past decade with roughly 1,000 additional OD deaths each year. This devastating trend can be combatted by calling Elizabethtown Drug Rehab Centers at (502) 804-2065. Before you seek treatment for drug addiction, please understand that your drug dependence and the inability to quit on your own is not a sign of immorality nor is it due to a decided lack of willpower. This is why seeking our addiction advisory services and pairing you up with a drug and alcohol addiction rehab in our network is necessary.

We may receive a form of compensation from our featured and sponsored listings, and we have a wide range of addiction rehab facilities in our network. We are not an addiction rehab facility; we only refer those with a substance abuse problem to any number of the rehab facilities in our network.

Drug addiction is an actual medical condition for which proven treatment is available. Many high-quality drug rehabs in Elizabethtown now offer special medications to ease the addicted individual through the worst parts of the withdrawal process.

24 Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Elizabethtown, KY

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Elizabethtown

How People Become Addicted

Typically, persons who find themselves dependent on drinking or drugging took the first step into addiction pf their own free will. Perhaps they filled a prescription for pain pills after an accident, or they may have strolled into a bar and ordered cocktails with friends. Most addicts started using because it felt good at the time.

Some started using mind altering chemicals in order to escape emotional pain. Others turned to drugs and drinking to be accepted by a popular peer group. All things considered, it doesn't make much difference how someone became habituated. When someone counts on a substance just to make it through the day, their clearest path out of addiction is via the compassionate and confidential rehabs associated with Elizabethtown Drug Rehab Centers.

What Is Drug Detox?

Detox, also called 'detoxification,' 'withdrawal,' or 'kicking' is the natural biological process that occurs when an addict stops taking an addictive drug. A similar withdrawal process happens when an alcoholic stops consuming liquor.

Detox can be more than miserable, especially for persons who have been dependent on opiate drugs for an extended period of time. Fortunately, modern treatment facilities can offer a range of medical options to ease the addict through the most grueling parts of detox. Whether via medical intervention or by "going cold turkey," detoxification is an imperative step on the path to wellness and recovery, explain experts at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Detox is not exactly easy, but it doesn't have to be embarrassing. At a qualified drug or alcohol rehab in Elizabethtown, you will be treated with compassion and respect.

Addiction treatment programs are about more than just the cessation of drug taking. Detox is a critical component of the recovery process, of course, but not all there is to it. Recovery centers in Elizabethtown also help drug abusers deal with the psychological roots of their addiction. Twelve-step programs, cognitive behavioral counseling, and peer group meetings are recommended to persons who are dealing with the lifelong process of recovery.

Drug Abuse Trends in the Bluegrass State

OxyContin and other narcotic pain pills, Fentanyl patches, powdered and crack cocaine, benzo sedatives, and methamphetamine or 'speed' are drugs commonly used by people who call in at Elizabethtown Drug Rehab Centers.

According to the NIH, getting clean of a narcotics habit may necessitate ninety days or more in an inpatient rehab facility. For some addicts, several stretches in drug rehab may be necessary to attain long-term sobriety. That's okay. As recovering addicts say in the program, "It takes what it takes."

Ask anybody who's gotten clean and sober, and they are likely to tell you that time spent in a caring rehab facility was a good investment. Recovering addicts who continue outpatient therapy and attend 12-step peer support groups after their stint in rehab tend to fare better as far as relapse is concerned.

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As in other regions in Kentucky, Elizabethtown is home to many good people who happen to have bad habits. Perhaps your own life has been touched by drug addiction. Maybe someone you love is struggling with a dependence on OxyContin or another strong prescription medication.

No matter how or why your world is adversely affected by addiction, compassionate Elizabethtown Drug Rehab Centers can help. When you are ready to know more about your local rehab options, please call our referral service at (502) 804-2065.

Upcoming Elizabethtown AA & NA Meetings:

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AA River of Life Group Sat, 6:00 PM River of Life Church Railroad Trestle Rd, West Point, KY 40177
NA Hughlett Temple AME Zion Church Sun, 7:00 PM Miracle on 22th Street Group Discussion/Participation 2115 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40212
AA CHURCHHILL Tue, 8:00 PM OPEN DOOR/HAND SOUTHERN PRKWY louisville, KY 40215, Louisville, KY 40215
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